Romantic interests

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Portrayed by

Jessie T. Usher

Lyle is one of the four main protagonists in the show.He is shown to be very popular and sometimes vain.

He cares alot about how other people see him and keeps his love of video games a secret.

Relationships with other characters Edit

Wyatt Lyle and Wyatt are good friends,they were friends before Lyle was popular and are still good friends now,they both play the game Maldark, the conquerer of all worlds together.

Dante Lyle and Dante are good friends,they get on very well with each other and agree on alot of things.

Angie Lyle and Angie are friends,they disagree on a few things but they're still friends although Lyle gets on better with Dante or Wyatt than he does Angie.


Lyle's avatar is Wizza with Thunder Pole.

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