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Romantic Interests:

Wyatt (possibly)

Dante (possible crush)

Portrayed by:

Aimee Carrero

Angie is one of the four main protagonist. She is the only girl in the group. She is feirce and edgy, and when she wants answeres to a question, you give it to her. She has a kick-butt additude and she can take you down in a punch!


Relationships With Other CharactersEdit

Wyatt: Wyatt and Angie are best friends. They always seem ton have some kind of special hand shake. They might have a crush on each other, because they kissed in the movie and acted wierd to each other afterwards, but this is not known fully. (To see more about thier relationship see Wangie.)

Dante: Dante and Angie are really good friends. They seem to always pull jokes and snazzy combacks on each other. They could have a possible relationship in the future. (To see more about their relationship see Dangie.)

Lyle: Lyle and Angie seem to not be on good terms. Angie always disrespects him and they are not very close.


Angie has an avatar named Jourgana Fistle,  but she is always equipped with the Fist of Schoolage, which is used by The Mountain Barbarian in the game.

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